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Windows for Renovation Projects

Nordvest UK is a leading manufacturer of energy saving windows for renovation projects in the UK.

Energy Efficient Windows
for home Renovations

With windows and doors making such a big contribution to the style of your home, and to its comfort and carbon footprint, it’s important to get them right. Our Norwegian designed and manufactured timber and aluminium-clad windows and doors can provide the look, functionality and energy efficiency you are striving for in your self build project.

We work closely with self-builders, contractors and clients renovating properties to help find the perfect high performance glazing solution.

Whatever your window & door specification, NORDVEST UK can supply…



Why choose Nordvest?

See The World Again is an elaborate vision – we know. But we believe we are able to see and open opportunities where other suppliers might see limitations.


Nordvest UK is a wholly owned subsidiary of Nordvestvinduet AS.
The links between our UK sales team and our manufacturing teams are short, simple and direct. That makes it easy for us to understand and adapt to what our clients need, and to explain with clarity and confidence what we will supply, and when it will be delivered.

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