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Why Choose Timber Windows?

Timber is organic, non-toxic and naturally renewable.

Timber is one of the oldest construction materials known to man and has been found to have been used in ancient structures for simple shelters to more complex buildings and dwellings for thousands of years.

Arguably one of the most eco friendly and sustainable products, it is not only naturally thermally efficient but also aesthetically pleasing, durable and comforting.

Along with natural beauty, timber has great design flexibility, multi-purpose functionality and still continues to be a popular choice for architects, self-builders and specifiers globally. Given the proper and specified maintenance, timber products from Nordvest have an estimated expected lifetime of 40 years offering exceptional life cycle cost benefits. Nordvest windows are supplied as standard with three engineered laminated sections of pine.

The outer two laminates are in Heartwood Pine, the strongest part of the tree, with regulated slow growth year-rings on the inside laminate. The heartwood is the centre part of the tree with approximately 1mm between the year rings. As the tree grows the innermost cells die and form heartwood.

With pine, the heartwood colours as the cells fill with resin, this makes the wood very resistant to rot and insect infestation. For extra durability and low maintenance, timber product with aluminium cladding, the expected lifetime is 60 years given proper and specified maintenance.

Although Pine is the most popular choice of timber used for Nordvest windows and doors, sourced locally and with it’s origin in both Norway and other Scandanavian neighbours, we can also supply Oak, Larch, Birch, Kebony and Accoya.
The pine we purchase is FSC and PEFC certified.

For your next project, choose timber, choose Nordvest Windows and Doors for a new era.

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