Nordvest uk windows supplier

10 Year Warranty


This Warranty Covers:

The Nordvest UK product warranty covers the product for any manufacturing or material defects which may occur during a 10 year period from the delivery date shown on the order confirmation. It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure the product is fit for use and has been properly installed, used and maintained. The Warranty covers:
  • 10 Years against glass failure**, manufacturing defects and ironmongery*** 5 Years for two coat factory applied paint finish. Yearly inspections must be undertaken by the customer.
  • 1 Year for two coat factory applied stain finish.
  • Replacement parts subject to a valid claim within 10 years of delivery date shown on the order confirmation.
  • Labour costs associated with replacement parts for a period of 3 years from delivery date shown on order confirmation.
  • Parts for remedial work covered under the product warranty.
  • The glass complying with the Visual Quality Standards of the Glass and Glazing Federation.

*excluding products supplied without a full factory applied paint finish

**glass failure is condensation inside the glazing unit. Nordvest will replace the glazing unit when this occurs up to year 5. From year 5-10 only the glass unit will be supplied. No other defects are covered.

***tarnishing or discolouration is not covered.

The Warranty does not cover:
  • Products installed improperly or modified due to improper installation.
  • Products not maintained in accordance with Nordvest UK maintenance guidelines.
  • Any costs associated with replacing defective goods after five years from delivery date shown on order confirmation.
  • Damage caused during transportation if this is not notified to Nordvest UK at the time of delivery.
  • Damage by external causes out with Nordvest control including, but not limited to, fire, disaster, burglary.
  • Glazing units not installed in Nordvest factory in Norway.
  • Any product not receiving a full factory applied paint finish.
  • Variations in colour and wood grain of the timber, especially apparent when stain is used.
  • Surface finish of catches, handles and hinges.
  • The product no longer being in production. Nordvest UK will be entitled to provide a similar product or give an appropriate refund at Nordvest discretion.
  • Physical damage after delivery (cleaning agents, handling, ladders, pets, poor storage, window cleaner).
  • Any product which has not been paid for in full.

The customer should make Nordvest aware of any extreme climatic locations where the products are to be installed. Failure to do so could void your warranty.

If you have a valid claim please contact our office in the first instance requesting a claim form. Claims must be accompanied by proof of purchase, order number, order date, maintenance record.