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Tilt and Turn Windows

Nordvest is a leading manufacturer & supplier of energy efficient tilt & turn windows.


Tilt and turn Windows

Nordvest energy efficient tilt and turn windows are supplied with one handle making it a more usable and a more easily understood operation than other manufacturers two or three handle operation available on the market.

The window tilts in at the top for a ventilation position or turns on the side for a larger open area. These can be supplied with a child restrictor. These windows are more easily compliant with fire escape and cleaning regulations. Nordvest tilt and turn windows can be supplied as a single or multiple sash window.

On tall windows and windows located high up or behind worktops the handle can be positioned off centre and nearer the bottom to allow easier access.

Larger tilt and turn units can be used on upper floors where a Juliet balcony is required. Supplied as single inward opening or double inward opening where one half would tilt & turn and the second leaf turn only.


Tilt & Turn Window Information

For further detailed information on energy efficient Nordvest Norwegian Tilt and Turn windows please download our helpful PDF for reference.