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Nordvest UK Ltd take a lot of pride in the fact they provide the product that is best suited for your requirements and site conditions and not necessarily the product that has been specified or requested. Our experts will guide you through this process and ensure you are happy with and understand the products chosen. Upon a timber window and/or door quotation being accepted the manufacturing details must be signed off before production will commence ensuring that you are fully satisfied with your choice.

Nordvest offer the highest level of customer service from the very first enquiry right through to completion and the warranty period.

Our sales and customer service support team cover the whole of the UK so if you require help or advice we are never far away.


Nordvest are often described as the Architects best friend. We see and create opportunities where others see limitations. We recognize that by saying yes to some solutions we are more attractive but know challenges in manufacturing and the logistics must be addressed.


Nordvest realise that in today’s working environment many builders do not have the time or resources to go through the door and window requirements in great detail with their clients. We also know that clients like more input and know they are getting value for money in their project. At Nordvest we aim to take this hassle and strain away from the builder by communicating directly with the client while all the time keeping the builder fully informed allowing the builder to concentrate with the job they are best at.

For large construction jobs, Council and Local Authority projects, Housing Developments Nordvest can offer to meet directly with the clients’ representatives and often do presentations explaining the benefits behind the customer choice and answering any questions or allaying fears the customer may have.

Private (domestic)

Don't think that Nordvest only deals with Architects and builders. If you are are a domestic client building a new home, adding an extension or perhaps replacing your existing windows, you can expect the same levels of service and care and attention that we show to our larger clients.

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