Nordvest uk windows supplier

Fixed Frame Windows

Nordvest is a leading manufacturer of Passivhaus compatible fixed frame timber windows.


Fixed Frame Non Opening Windows

Nordvest non-opening fixed frame timber windows are highly energy efficient and available in all different shapes and sizes. Larger fixed window products give the best option on reducing the U-value where passive house standards are being sought.

With no requirements for an opening element a fixed window can often be used to maximize the light entering the building.

Fixed frame windows give the most options for glazing types as the rebate can accept much larger and thicker glazing units making then perfect for highly efficient triple glazed units for Passivhaus certification. Fixed windows can also be supplied with glass to glass corner sections giving a very small obstruction in the corner of a room.


Fixed Frame Windows Info

For further detailed information on Nordvest low u-value energy efficient fixed frame windows, suitable for passive house applications, please download our helpful PDF for reference.