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Nordvest is a leading manufacturer of windows and doors.

About the project

For over ten years, Nordvest UK has been supplying log home builders Finlog UK with High Quality and High-Performance Timber Windows and Doors.

Finlog has a wealth of experience in Log buildings, in fact probably more than any other UK company, they have been supplying Log Homes, Log mobile homes, and all other types of log buildings for over 25 years. To date, Finlog has supplied and constructed well over 300 log buildings including handcrafted log homes, round log cabins and flat log cabins in many differing thicknesses.

Also being dedicated to Timber, Nordvest UK is delighted to have Finlog as a long term partner and client and would like to thank both Robert and Sharon Sheridan for their continued support.

Why not visit the Finlog UK Website for more details on their fantastic log homes.

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