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A Modern Touch with Edge Glass from Nordvest UK

Flush Glazing for New Build or Contemporary Projects

Windows with Edge or Stepped Glass, sometimes referred to as frameless windows, offer a sleek and minimalist appearance that gives new houses and buildings a modern feel for the future, a window trend that has become more and more popular over the past few years. The popularity has grown with new house builders and renovators of older housing who wish to have the juxtaposition of old and new when building contemporary additions to existing homes.

Smooth glass surface
This product has glass that sits on the outside of the frame so that the frame is covered, extending all the way to the “edge”. There is thus no visible frame element to the outside, just a smooth glass surface edge to edge. The windows have external black sealed glass that covers the frame and makes the frame completely maintenance-free.

Flush elevations
The window’s minimalist feel means that you can have a flush looking external elevation. This solution provides a greater sense of space, more glass surface area and improved thermal efficiency and low U-values* for achieving Passivhaus standards whne using triple glazed edge glazing units. Windows with edge glass will give a stylish look to many modern, contemporary building projects.

Different glazing solutions
The product is particularly suitable for fixed frames where the maximum impact of edge glass can be utilised. Windows with edge or stepped glass are supplied with 50mm 3-layer triple glazed units for the best u-values. The product can also be supplied with a full-depth frame where the standard 109mm frame depth can be extended to suit your full in-go depth.

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* U-value is a measure of heat loss in a building element such as a wall or window, the lower the u-value the more thermally efficient.

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