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Double Glazing or Triple Glazing?

5 tips on how to make the right choice.

Making the right choice when choosing windows for your new build or renovation project can be daunting. We have put together 5 tips to highlight the factors that you should take on board when choosing high performance windows in the UK.

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1) Budget

Your project budget will of course dictate many of the choices you make, but nowadays, there’s not much in it, the difference can be as little as 5%. It’s more about the right product for the right project.

2) Site Exposure

How exposed you are is definitely a consideration, if your site has a lot of wind and you have large panes of glass, you may want to choose Triple Glazing as glass dose flex and this can even cause down draughts and a cold feeling internally. Triple glazing will significantly reduce this.

3) Thermal Efficiency

If you’re building a Passive House or a Low Energy House you’ll be wanting Triple Glazing with low Uw values, generally around Uw 0.8 or below. In comparison, Double Glazing offers a value around Uw 1.2, the lower the value, the more energy efficient.

4) Sound Reduction

Yes, Triple Glazing will give you improved sound reduction, but it depends on the level and type of sound reduction required, in many cases a Double Glazed unit with Asymmetrical glass panes are what you need.

5) Solar Control

By having 3 Layers (3L) of glass you will have an element of improved solar control with Triple Glazing over Double Glazing, but it very much depends on what you’re after, you’ll need to consider the Light Transmittance (Lt Value), how much light enters the room and the solar energy transmittance (g factor), how much heat enters the room.

Simply adding standard laminated glass can even reduce UV light entering the room, significantly slowing down the fading of your internal furnishing.

Low u value windows to meet Passivhaus standards for PHI certification
Top Swing Fully Reversible Window Section manufactured by Nordvest UK

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