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Nordvest UK is a leading manufacturer of energy saving commercial windows and doors.

Energy saving Windows for Commercial Developments

Nordvest have a long history of providing commercial grade energy saving windows and doors for large scale construction projects.

We work closely with architects and construction firms to ensure our designs meet the most demanding briefs. We have our own design engineers, glass technicians and logistics departments who will work together to find the optimum solution for your challenge.

We can provide high quality, competitively priced timber and aluminium-clad windows and doors for every commercial application.

Whether your commercial project requires modern sleek triple glazing or traditionally styled double-glazed units, we can meet your needs. We’ll deliver secure, low maintenance, energy efficient solutions that will stand up to the worst of the British weather.

Whatever your window and door specification, NORDVEST UK can supply…



Why choose Nordvest UK?

See The World Again is an elaborate vision – we know.

But we believe we are able to see and open opportunities where other suppliers might see limitations.


We have an incredible number of schools and kindergartens on our reference list. Both completely new, replacement and extension projects. Through our broad product portfolio and several segments, this fits us well. We also offer exterior doors in the same design series, which is appreciated by both architects and executives. Our technical department has a lot of knowledge about fittings which is important on such projects.

With authorized glass advisors in the sales staff, we have the prerequisites to provide the best advice on the right product selection regarding insulation values, sound, sun, heat regulation and safety.


Hotels are built by the sea, in the mountains, in cities and at airports thus with a large degree of different functionality. Some hotels are built so high above sea level that one must take air pressure on the insulating glass into consideration, while cities and airports have noise-reducing challenges.

Along with this, the character and attributes of the buildings must be emphasized and taken care of, whether it is the view of the Fjord or the architecture that is most important.

Hospitals AND Nursing Homes

Nordvest has good and long experience with deliveries to hospitals and nursing homes. These are exciting projects where our design expertise is put to good use. These are often big projects, and there are many factors to be taken into consideration.

Everything from fittings solutions to special glass on X-ray departments, climate control and security elements. We are part of the process all the way to ensure that the project get the best possible solutions.


From the traditional to the ultra-modern. From ordinary windows to smaller facade solutions. We draw and construct door sections – unique or standard solutions.

Interior windows for the atrium, floors, glass corners, mirrored glass, double facades and bulletproof windows. We solve most things for most people.


We live closer now than ever before and larger blocks and multi-apartment buildings are built. Nevertheless, we want to keep the individuality and the uniqueness of our homes. With our logistics system, we package and send to each apartment, floor and building according to the schedule. Rehabilitation of buildings from the 60’s and 70’s is also increasing and require window replacements to improve u-values and sound requirements.

If there should be new and modern-looking windows or if the building style should remain the same, even after the new requirements are met, we are able to combine this without any problem.


Nordvest UK is a wholly owned subsidiary of Nordvestvinduet AS.
The links between our UK sales team and our manufacturing teams are short, simple and direct. That makes it easy for us to understand and adapt to what our clients need, and to explain with clarity and confidence what we will supply, and when it will be delivered.

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