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How long is the expected lifespan of your windows?

The lifespan of most windows is expected to be 20-30 years, although that can vary, good quality windows can last longer if they are well maintained. High Quality and High Performance Windows from Nordvest UK have a 10-year warranty and a lifetime of 60-70 years if they are properly maintained. That is why it pays to invest in windows from Nordvest.

New-build, Self-Build or Extension?

If you’re planning a new build, self-build or renovation project, you’ll likely only want to do this once and you’ll likely want your product choices to be durable, fit for purpose and high quality. One of the most important decisions you will make is concerned with your window and door choice. There are of course a few options, PVCu (otherwise known as plastic and the least environmentally friendly option), Aluminium, Timber or Aluminium Clad Timber. Nordvest would advocate for choosing timber, not only as it’s our core product but also due to the environmental aspect, a long standing construction element and its naturally thermally efficient qualities. As well as being aesthetically pleasing, durable and comforting, you’ll want your timber windows and doors to last a long time, that’s why we use laminated or engineered timber with the two outer laminates of three in total, being heartwood for strength and durability.

There’s also a glazing choice to be made, double or triple? This will depend not only on your budget but also your overall thermal performance requirements. Again, you’ll want these to last a long time. Modern glazing units for performance windows typically use argon gas in the cavities or even krypton and are far less likely to fail. The correct window and glazing choice can be seen as an investment in the building, far more than an element to look out of but an integral building element that can be used to control your heat loss and gains, control the amount of light entering the rooms and add character and design to the building.

When should you update your windows?

What about replacements or renovations, when should you update your windows? Well, there are a few factors. Older windows can be the source of heat loss in homes and buildings, they can also be draughty, have blown glazing units that fog up and even be rotten. If you need to check the age of your windows you should be able to check by getting the information from the window itself. The year of manufacture is usually stamped on the silver or black spacer between the glass panes.

If you lose a lot of the heat in the home, this will naturally entail large costs related to energy and heat consumption, especially in the winter months. It is then important that you pay attention to the condition of the windows in the home or building so that you can quickly do something about it.

Things to look out for should you suspect that the windows are getting old or are deteriorating in any way, check for some signs as below:
  • If you see condensation or fogging between the panes
  • If the windows are cold and draughty
  • No longer keeping heat in the rooms
  • If you see visible excessive wear and tear and even rotting

By maintaining your windows you’ll be able to keep an eye on their condition and be aware as to whether they should be replaced or not. It is important to note that windows, like anything else, need care and maintenance at regular intervals. In order for them to stay in good shape and last longer, lubrication of hinges and other moving parts is, among other things, an important measure.

For any questions or queries on the above, why not give us a call to discuss your project requirements, at Nordvest UK, we’re always happy to share our expertise and knowledge with you, the customer.

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