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Aluminium Clad Timber Windows

Nordvest Alu-Clad timber windows & doors are built with lifespan & energy efficiency in mind.

UK Delivery

We deliver to the whole mainland UK including the highlands and islands.

Delivered to Site

Nordvest dispatch windows and doors directly to your construction site.

Installation Guidance

Simple to follow guide provided with every Aluminium Clad window and door order.

Scandinavian Quality & Design

Aluminium Cladding for Windows

For the ultimate in low level maintenance of your timber doors and windows why not add aluminium cladding (alu-clad) to the external face.

Our modern alu clad timber windows should not be compared with older simpler aluminium frame windows. 

We work closely with self-builders, contractors, specifiers and end users renovating properties to help find the perfect energy efficient glazing solution.

Why Choose AluClad Windows?

Aluminium Clad windows from Nordvest are a clear choice for those who want robust and durable, quality windows and doors.

Better Ventilation

The distance between the aluminium and timber is set for optimum ventilation.

Extra Protection

 The timber behind the aluminium is painted for added protection.

Cost Efficient

Here everything is considered down to the very last detail.


In our opinion, the best environmental choice you can make regarding windows.

No-Rot Materials

Stainless steel screws are used, aluminium forms the glazing bead so no risk of these rot.

Custom Options

Easy to paint casings to maintain great looking window frames for years to come.

Why specify Nordvest Alu-Clad Windows and Doors?

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Aluminium Clad Windows are Built for a 60 year Life Span

Aluminium Clad windows from Nordvest are a clear choice for those who want robust and durable, quality windows and doors. The windows are manufactured in our state-of-the-art factory in Norway for supply throughout the UK.

We work closely with self-builders, contractors and specifiers who are renovating properties or creating their dream home to help find the perfect glazing solution.

Aluminium Clad windows are better than UPVC windows

Is Aluclad better than UPVC?

uPVC Windows

  • More Affordable
  • Lasts 30 years
  • Thermal performance: 0.8 U-Value
  • A energy rating

Aluminium Clad Windows

  • Better Quality
  • Last 50 years
  • Higher thermal performance: 0.9 U-Value
  • A++ energy rating

Questions About AluClad Timber Windows

Made primarily from wood, the processes and waste of aluminium clad windows are more environmentally friendly than those used for all aluminium or UPVC windows. Additionally, improving the thermal efficiency of aluminium can contribute significantly to your home’s CO2 emissions and heating bill.

Aluminum offers an elegant and contemporary look on the outside, while wood provides a feeling of warmth and softness on the inside. They can be finished in any RAL color in bi-colour which means you can go for one color to inside and a completely different color outside.

Alu-Clad windows are an excellent cost effective option for anyone due to their low maintenance requirements in comparison to other window frame types and their high quality powder-coated build which gives the profiles an exceptionally hard-wearing surface that lasts for many years.

People in the industry always choose wood/aluminium clad. Other options are often not worth it due to the high maintenance requirements. Going down the pure wood route is a big task requiring regular painting and embellishing of the windows.

AluClad windows and doors are expected to have a typical life expectancy of 45 years, compared with uPVC frames which have a life expectancy of only 20-35 years depending on how much maintenance given to the windows or doors.

Alu-clad is often the better option for many people. Aluminium clad windows are timber windows with an external casing of aluminium. They have the same low-maintenance requirements as UPVC but at the same time maintaining the more tangible timber interior.

Switching to aluclad can help you reduce U-values ​​to around 0.6, still low U-values ​​being achieved with triple glazing. Aluclad is a great option if you want to achieve passive levels, but there are many other reasons to switch too.

Aluminium clad windows are the best and most economical windows on the market. Unlike other windows, AluClad windows are unpainted and unaffected by ultraviolet light or fading. They also allow better insulation and offer more energy efficiency.

AluClad Window Enquiries

To enquire about AluClad Windows for delivery direct to site in the UK please complete the form below. If you wish to speak to our head office sales team please call 01738 643004