Nordvest uk windows supplier

About us

Nordvest is a leading manufacturer of windows and doors.


Nordvest UK is a wholly owned subsidiary of Nordvestvinduet AS.

The links between our UK sales team and our manufacturing team in Norway are short, simple and direct. That makes it easy for us to understand and adapt to what our clients need, and to explain with clarity and confidence which windows and doors we will supply, and when they will be delivered.



Our Goals

See The World Again is an elaborate vision – we know. But we believe we are able to see and open opportunities where other suppliers might see limitations.

We acknowledge that by saying yes to some solutions we are more attractive, but then we also face challenges in the design, production and logistic solutions that must be solved.

Nordvest is a wonderful mix of creative, creating, resourceful, knowledgeable and structured people who together handle and love challenges. By focusing on this, we think we can open a few eyes – or windows and doors – so that you really can see possibilities and See The World Again.


Where It Began

With Nordvest’s origins on the dramatic west coast of Norway, we have always done things a little differently. Since 1957 we have manufactured our windows and doors in one of the world’s most extreme environments and our products are made to withstand the very worst the weather can throw at them.
Never standing still, we continually improve our processes to bring you the very finest products. We invite you to see the world again through our remarkable Norwegian windows and doors.

Ten Good Reasons To Choose Nordvest