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Nordvest UK is a wholly owned subsidiary of Nordvest Vinduet AS in Norway saving any additional costs of a third party involvement allowing us the ability to speak directly to the end user therefore understanding what is required and explaining what will be supplied. This is most often carried out in conjunction with the builder who is kept fully informed of discussions.

The Directors of Nordvest UK bring a wealth of knowledge to the industry with over 30 years’ experience in the export/import of Norwegian timber doors and windows. We can supply all your requirements from large construction jobs, house builders, developers and the individual customers in the renovation, self-build or supply and fit markets

Nordvest supply a range of products which are based on quality, high performance and value for money. Manufacturing in one of the harshest environments in Europe we believe when you buy Nordvest products you are buying a product that will not only transform your property but also give you peace of mind in the knowledge that no matter the weather conditions your Nordvest doors and windows will exceed your expectation.

In 2012 Nordvest's turnover was over 12 million which is equivalent to approximately 50,000 timber door and window units while not forgetting the need for good craftsmanship.

We see and create opportunities where others see limitations. We recognize that by saying yes to some solutions we are more attractive but know challenges in manufacturing and the logistics must be addressed. By concentrating on this we believe we can open people’s eyes – or windows and doors – so they can realize the possibility and with this see the world again.

Our factory is equipped with the latest environmentally friendly production with three quarters of all the energy coming from recycling. We set environmental standards for internal and external transport and continuously look for better solutions.

Nordvest UK is based in Perth, Scotland and run by David McLellan. David has had more than 20 years experience in the industry and is on hand to discuss all your timber window and door supply (and fit, if necessary) requirements. Please contact us on 01738 643004 or email sales@nordvest.co.uk

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