Glass can be supplied in hundreds of different options and combinations specific to the needs and requirements of your project. We believe we have the glass combination to meet your specification. Glass can be supplied as double or triple glazed units and depending on the product requested these units can be supplied in 26mm, 36mm, 48mm and 70mm with u-values down to 0.6 W/m²K.

Energy saving Nordvest offer a vast array of options on this from standard whole window u-value of 1.4 W/m²K right down to 0.6 W/m²K for the Passive House sector.
Noise reduction Whatever your requirement whether it be traffic related, industrial or just noisy neighbours we can offer simple cost efficient upgrades to double glazing right up to product specific acoustic glass.
Privacy Cotswold and Stippolyte are standard although specific individual preferences can be sourced to meet your choice.
Safety & Security All glazing units are sealed into the sash to enhance the security while doors are supplied with toughened or laminated safety glass as standard. Unlimited combinations are available to meet your needs.
Solar controlled The effect of heat through the glass particularly on south facing elevations can be reduced with the use of solar controlled glass.
UV protection Simple upgrades to double glazed units can reduce the effect of fading on internal finishing and furniture.
Self-cleaning If you don’t want the hassle of cleaning your windows or hiring a window cleaner an option to have self-cleaning glass is available.

All products will be supplied with low energy, argon filled glazing cavity. As a standard doors will be supplied with safety glass. Warm edge insulated spacer bar can also be added.

All offers come with a full glass description including weight and u-value.